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Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy uses an engaging, modern curriculum to teach our students.


We use Defined Learning for our STEM curriculum. Defined Learning is a digital STEM program built around longer-term projects for students.

Partnered with the University of Chicago, our math curriculum is based on Everyday Math and CMP4. We also receive math coaching and professional development from the University of Chicago to ensure our teachers are up-to-date with the latest practices.

Our reading curriculum is Schoolwide, which provides our students with comprehensive ELA instruction. 


Our Partners: We are proud to partner with Big Shoulders Fund, The University of Chicago, Student Savvy Counseling, EYA Reading/Math Interventionists, and Sacred Heart Tutors.


Our science program is integrated across our curriculum. Science comes to life through lessons, experiments, and inquiry. The curriculum is driven by our students' natural curiosity.


Engineering is built into our lessons and programs as students think critically to explore the ways that things work and operate. Our innovative STREAM lab enables students to utilize tools to incorporate various aspects of the STREAM curriculum into their daily learning.


State of the art technology is utilized to reinforce lessons. Students in every grade have 1:1 technology access and younger students have access to tablet technology to enhance learning.


Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy has a strong commitment to the fine arts. We provide weekly music and art classes to enrich the student experience. We are offer choir and other programs to foster students' artistic expression.


Our curriculum incorporates gospel teachings in lessons as well as in everyday life. In our school, your child develops intellectually & spiritually & learns to care for others. Our students are not all Catholic, in fact a majority are not Catholic. All faiths are welcomed & respected in our school.


Our commitment to Math is exemplified in our outstanding  Everyday Math and CMP4 curriculum. This program allows us to teach Math in a unique and innovative way that captures the attention of our students and fosters a love of learning. We also partner with the University of Chicago for ongoing Math coaching

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