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Our Team

At Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy, you'll find loving, caring and consistent role models who will care for your child like one of their own. With years of experience and true devotion to our students, your child will receive an excellent education and inspiration from our well-qualified and compassionate staff.  



Meet Our


Fr. Matthew O'Donnell- Head of School/Pastor

Mr. Tim Gallo- Executive Director 

Mrs. Carla Sever- Principal

Ms. Ashley Johnson-Administrative Assistant




Meet Our Teachers

Pre K:  Ms. Tiombe Eiland

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Kindergarten:  Ms Dunson

Grade 1: Ms. Sanders 

Grade 2:  Ms. Megan Villareal

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Grade 3/4:  Ms. Verdie Matthews

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Middle School: Fannie Lawson-Rondo


Specials Teachers:

Dr. Mark Nimo Director of Religion

Mrs. Tamiko Woods STEM  Director

Steve Sterling: Building Engineer



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