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School Board

The primary concern of the St. Ethelreda Board of Limited Jurisdiction is "the ministry of Catholic elementary school education: the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of the students." The Board shall concern itself with "the general excellence of Catholic education at St. Ethelreda Catholic School." Source: The Archdiocese of Chicago


In short, we're here to help the St. Ethelreda family: parents, students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Together we'll build a stronger, brighter future for our school and our students.

The Board of Specified Jurisdiction, as authorized by the Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of Catholic Schools, has the authority to make decisions in specified areas. These areas are:

  • Vision and mission

  • Institutional development

  • Finance and facilities

  • Marketing and recruitment


Additionally, the Board is empowered to collaborate with Dr. Spells to support the work of administering and leading the school. Presently, we are focusing on our facilities, curriculum, and this building student leadership by bringing in members of the community to speak about leadership. 

School Board Members


The St. Ethelreda School Board consists of parents, alumni, and concerned community members. 


The Board President is Dr. James Pelech from Benedictine University. The current School Board members are: Dennis Webb, Tom Hushek, Marge Cain, Diane Blue, Teresa McCartin, Briana Holland, Dr. MeShelda Jackson, Dr. Ovid Wong, Pam Jefferson-Waits, Robert Terry, Howard Garrison, Lauren Evans, Jason Cain, and LeRoy Chalmers. 

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