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Through the implementation of a strong STREAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math), Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy will prepare students to be confident, future leaders as well as spiritually-minded 21st Century thinkers, who are motivated and skilled to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world by encouraging academic excellence and building critical and creative thinking skills in a nurturing environment.
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Welcome Back to Tolton

We're really excited to have everyone join us for another year. Please stay tuned to the website for updates as the year unfolds!
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At A Glance

Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy, a new Catholic school located in the Park Manor community on the south side of Chicago, is an innovative and forward thinking learning community. Streaming the traditions of St. Columbanus and St. Dorothy Schools into one, the Tolton Academy will create bright futures for our  children. The Tolton Academy is a merger of the historic St. Columbanus and St. Dorothy Schools. The merger of the two historic schools is the result of a pastor led initiative to respond to the low enrollments of both schools and the Archdiocese of Chicago‚Äôs requirement to be more fiscally responsible. Both schools hold students to high academic standards, and the academic excellence of St. Columbanus and St. Dorothy Schools will be a foundation for the Tolton Academy.
The Tolton Academy is the first elementary school in the Archdiocese of Chicago to implement a STREAM curriculum. A focus on Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Math sets us apart as an academically strong and spiritually rooted learning community. Today, the Tolton Academy is forming an innovative curriculum that will merge these disciplines into a comprehensive program. The STREAM curriculum will allow our school to be religiously, educationally, and technologically advanced. The Tolton Academy will maintain and further the high academic standards for which our students are accustomed to, while recognizing the needs of individual learners. The life and legacy of Fr. Augustus Tolton teaches our students that God has a purpose for them, and the Tolton Academy will help foster this realization.
The Tolton Academy is primarily an African American school whose students come from across the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The Tolton Academy encourages academic achievement while instilling religious and moral values to promote the development of the entire person.
  • 4 Different Sports Offered
  • 20:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
  • 100% of Tolton students get accepted into the High Schools of their choice
  • $75,000 Scholarship Dollars Earned by Senior Class
  • 20 Volunteer Hours Required per Family Each Year
  • 1st STREAM elementary in the Archdiocese of Chicago

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